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  • Integration of a project in its historical, socio-economic, geographical, climatic and landscape context for the emergence of an architecture that is sensitive, poetic and concerned with its environment in the broad sense.


  • Search for optimized shapes and elegance of the structure, for the lightest possible architecture, sober and elegant.


  • Rehabilitate to re-enchant / reveal the built heritage of city centers as soon as possible. *Economy of materials, reuse or use of biosourced and carbon-free solutions.


  • Deep knowledge of materials and their specificities to promote passive and Low-Tech solutions!


  • Energy efficiency and sobriety rather than uninhibited energy-consuming schemes.


  • Analysis of the complete life cycle of buildings: stop planned obsolescence in buildings! These must be dismantled, recyclable, repairable, maintainable, modular and flexible to support their future and unpredictable life!

A dual approach to Architecture & Design

Noémie Aureau was born in 1988 in Paris. After studying science at Ecole Polytechnique Paris and graduating in Structural and Environmental Engineering from Ecole des Ponts-et-Chaussées, she continued her studies at the architecture school of Paris-La Villette. At the crossroads of architecture and engineering, Noémie Aureau’s varied experiences allow her to approach each new challenge with an original approach.


After working for the head of innovation of Saint-Gobain group then for two years as a structural engineer specializing in innovative designs and complex geometries at Setec in Paris and at Atelier One in London, she joined Renzo Piano Building Workshop as an architect in 2016, of which she became an associate in 2021.


After almost 8 years of collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Noémie Aureau decided to found Atelier No’Au in order to offer innovative and committed architecture. Drawing on her professional experience in leading international offices in France and abroad, Noémie Aureau has acquired solid mastery of complex projects, from initial sketches to construction site.


Using her dual culture, she develops multi-criteria approaches to architectural design, lightweight structures and building envelopes in order to create a cutting edge yet sensitive and sustainable architecture. Always walking on the line between architecture and science, Noémie Aureau likes to explore every new design challenge with an out-of-the-box approach.