Atelier No’Au, – which can be pronounced “KnowHow” -, was created in Paris in 2023 by Noémie Aureau, architect/engineer and former associate of Renzo Piano Building Workshop, to promote a holistic and bioclimatic design approach, serving architectural quality and environmental issues.


Our office is interested in both new construction and rehabilitation projects from initial stages design to building delivery on site.


Each project at Atelier No’Au is thought through the prism of its historical, socio-economic, geographical, climatic but also landscape context for the emergence of an architecture that is sensitive, poetic and concerned with its environment in the broad sense.


In order to offer a tailor-made design and adapt to the uniqueness and complexity of each project, our office works in close collaboration with its network of partners, structural engineers, climate engineers, innovation stakeholders, ecologists, landscapers, historians, scenographers, heritage architects…


With her 8-year experience at Renzo Piano’s office, Noémie Aureau develops an architecture attentive to details, in close dialogue with the engineers, suppliers and contractors for the emergence of constructive quality faithful to the early stage architectural intent.