Nine Elms Bridge, London

A new pedestrian and cyclist link between Battersea & Pimlico

The vision for this bridge was to design an elegant, dynamic and spectacular link between Pimlico and the developping area of Battersea.

Challenge 1: Integrating cycle and pedestrian traffic.
The 4 meter wide cycle and foot paths are separated to provide a safe but integrated passage across the river using a consistent 1:21 and 1:15 slope respectively.

Challenge 2: Place making across the bridge and at its landing points.
The bridge’s distinctly sinuous geometry defined by the intertwining foot and cycle paths generates cross over communal zones that allow a multitude of entertainment and commercial opportunities on and above the Thames with spectacular unclaimed views of the city and its river.

As a former Atelier structural design engineer & architect, Noémie Aureau was in charge of the structural & geometry design and preliminary calculations (220 meters overall span).

Atelier One design team : Aran Chadwick (partner), Noémie Aureau (project lead), Laelia Vaulot (intern)


  • London, UK

Date - Status

  • 2015 - Competition


  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Bridge

Design Team

  • Stufish entertainment architects
  • Atelier One - Structural Design and 3D Modelling