Performance Art Centre in Hanoi

Project designed by RPBW


L’isolla dela Musica

L’Isolla della Musica is a performance art centre located in Hanoi, Vietnam, including a 2,000-seat opera hall, a multi-purpose event hall that can accommodate up to 1,200-seated people, and a resident philharmonic orchestra.

Entirely designed to cover the different spaces with a thin catenary shell in pure compression, the event complex which is accessed by two bridges seems to float on the water of the lake, like the pearly envelope of a vast shell. The residual spaces between the shell and the two rooms are used to create unique, enveloping foyer spaces in which visitors can navigate freely.

Former associate architect at Renzo Piano Building Worksop where she collaborated from 2016 to 2023, Noémie AUREAU participated for a year in the sketch/APS phase of the project during which this architectural proposal and the general organization of the complex were formalized.

She was the architect in charge of the design of the shell (120 meters of span in pure compression) :
• automated and configurable generation of a catenary envelope
• generation of different meshes on the different versions of shells obtained
• creation of a tool for transferring Grasshopper geometric data to a Revit model


  • Hanoi, Vietnam


  • On going


  • Sun City Limited Liability Company

Design Team

  • Architects : Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Project director : G. Bianchi (Partner) in collaboration with PTW Vietnam
  • Consultants : ARUP (Structure, MEP, Acoustics), Theater Projets (scenography)