New Saint-Gobain Research Centre

View of Main Facade

Located along the Aubervilliers canal in Seine Saint-Denis, Saint-Gobain Recherche is a multidisciplinary industrial research centre at the forefront of innovation.

In the continuity of the existing centre, our project aims to develop the current site with the creation of a new office building with a capacity of approximately 350 to 400 people including meeting spaces, a restaurant, a cafeteria and sports facilities. It also houses a 150-seat conference room with a large reception area. Our project proposes to fulfill this ambition by offering a harmonious complex between the existing industrial factory building and the new building.

Deliberately moving away from the volume of traditional office buildings, the new complex shows an iconic silhouette, as a reminiscence of industrial hall structures, reflecting the permanent innovation strategy of the Saint-Gobain Group. The building is composed of three large halls with a parabolic profile, the ideal arch geometry under its self weight, connected by two large glazed atriums, as a tribute to Saint-Gobain’s initial core trade.

The repetitive and modular nature of our project offers the possibility of carrying out the overall master plan planned for the site in reasonable costs and to allow, in the future, the installation of new entities based on the same construction method.

Location - Date

  • Aubervilliers, France - 2018


  • Saint-Gobain Recherche


  • Labs, Offices, Restaurant, Meeting Rooms, 150-seat Auditorium, Amenities

Area - Estimated budget

  • 10.000 m² - 27 M€ HT


  • Competition


  • COSB (cost estimator)